Scottish Lavender Oils is a limited company registered in Scotland. Registered number: SC646443. Registered office: Tarhill Farm, Kinross, KY13 9EZ.

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Scotland's Premier Lavender Farm:

Growers and Distillers of Lavender

We are a bespoke lavender farm with the largest lavender fields in Scotland.

We distil lavender essential oil using our hand-made copper alembic still and offer a range of products. 

We welcome visitors in the summer to experience our lavender in full bloom. 

Harvested and Distilled On-Site


Our farming ethos is based on the principle of a low carbon footprint and the minimal use of chemical inputs. All our lavender is hand-cut to protect the natural environment.


Based just outside Edinburgh, our family farm creates small volumes of ultra high quality oils unavailable from standard industry suppliers.   


The integrity of our oil is ensured through the use of bespoke copper distillation equipment, as verified by industry leading certification. See how we make our oils below.

Our Products

Our own essential oil distilled from our lavender fields goes into all our products. By hand-packing each item, we can ensure the highest quality of gifts.

Growing lavender in Scotland's unpredictable climate gives rise to a series of challenges. By dedicating our attention into small bespoke batches of oil, we ensure our product meets world-class levels of purity.

Visit our Farm

We open our farm in the summer in a series of open days for you to come and enjoy the fields. Separately, we also offer tailored visits to our fields and workshop. 

Growing Lavender in Scotland

Get in Touch

Contact us to see how we can help your project or if you have any questions about our oils. 

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