Perfect for a soothing, de-stress bath in the evenings. 


Our oil is available in small 10 ml bottles with a dropper cap. We distil the oil using lavender blooms from our fields.


We are extremely proud of the quality of our oil and believe this quality can only be attained by bespoke small distillers like us rather than large high-input mechanised farms.


Come and visit us on one of our open days in the summer to see how we do it!

Lavender Essential Oil

£10.00 Regular Price
£8.50Sale Price
  • Please note that this oil is extremely pure and should not be applied undiluted to the skin. Please see the Safety page of our website before using the oil. 

  • Our products should not be used by pregnant women or those with skin conditions. If there is any doubt about the product, then please contact us and we will advise. 

Scottish Lavender Oils is a limited company registered in Scotland. Registered number: SC646443. Registered office: Tarhill Farm, Kinross, KY13 9EZ.