We are a Scottish Lavender Farm based in Kinross

In 2015, we decided to diversify Tarhill Farm away from high-input agricultural crops and into more sustainable activities.


We planted 8000 lavender plants along the banks of Loch Leven Nature Reserve and in the last few years have begun harvesting the blooms for oil. We began with just Grosso and Folgate varieties, but now have seven different varieties. 

The farm also hosts three honeybee hives and around 100,000 bumble bees with six different varieties. We harvest all our lavender by hand to prevent injury to the bees and butterflies and to minimise trauma to the growing plants. 

We believe, fundamentally, that business should sit comfortably between our managed and natural environment. 

Our sustainability policies have seen an explosive resurgence of hare, deer, and ground nesting birds.​

By supporting our business, you are all having a real, visible impact on our surrounding environment. 

Sustainability Farming within our Local Environment

We place a commitment to progressive, sustainable farming at the forefront of our work.


While these initiatives may initially be more costly than those by their mass-produced counterparts, we insist on maintaining our first-rate products at competitive commercial prices.


We open the farm and workshop to the public every summer to illustrate how our initiatives are benefiting the surrounding environment. 


Low impact policy

We apply industry-leading standards on our commercial arable farm, and a zero input policy on our lavender (ie no pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers). Furthermore, we leave over 10% of our land fallow for wildlife as a natural “Cordon Sanitaire”.  


We have positioned three bee hives adjacent to the lavender fields to provide a natural environment for pollination. At least six different types of bumble bee can be seen on the lavender. By hand-cutting the lavender plants for harvest, we can be certain that we cause minimal disruption to the bees.


We operate a complete ban on hunting and shooting throughout the farm. Our initiatives have had a considerable impact on the visible levels of diversity. Among the farm's inhabitants are roe deer, badgers, hares, ground nesting birds, bees, butterflies, water voles, frogs, and specialist species of duck. An osprey can be seen hunting every day.


We converted the old fish ponds adjacent to the lavender field to a lochan to encourage the breeding of endangered duck.


We sell our oils in fully re-usable glass bottles and offer discounts for recycled containers.


We use water from our own burn to minimise the reliance on transported mains water.

Scottish Lavender Oils is a limited company registered in Scotland. Registered number: SC646443. Registered office: Tarhill Farm, Kinross, KY13 9EZ.